Welcome! I am so glad that you are here.


I know… I know.

You have been sober for a while and…now you are wondering...


Does it ever get any better than this?

You did the deal…

You got a sponsor, worked the steps and still not feeling as happy and free as you thought you would by now, right?

And what is with not being able to have meaningful relationships?

I get it!

Are you still feeling anxious and ungrounded a lot of the time?

If you said YES to any of these… we need to talk!

Until I decided to dig deep within myself, nothing changed.  I had to literally come face to face with the truth that I was not God and that I was the one that needed fixin!

My thoughts, my actions, my beliefs, and my attitudes will determine how I live my life with its ups and downs…losses and gains…. with joys and sorrows.

I had to be “willing” to make my recovery a priority in my life.  To be “willing” to be honest and look at my unhealthy behaviors.  To be “willing” to admit my faults, fears and frustrations.   To be willing to let go of my ego, my pride and to be able to accept humility.  To be humble.

The most liberating truth about recovery is that it gives you and I choices. Choices that you didn’t know you had nor you could make.

You can choose to live in the grip of your addiction or you can choose to become free.

I would love to walk this journey with you.  If you feel drawn to have a conversation with me, feel free to fill out this form and I will get back to you to schedule a time to talk!


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